Foods are decilious while we should show to customers and invite them in at first.
Electronic Menu Board can display what exact are selling to customers for better communication,
with beautiful picture and video.
Plentiful templates are available.


Video wall in the lobby plays introduction of hot moive with huge image.
Digital signages in aisle play moives recently.
Young people wait for entrance with playing games on touch table.
Screens in reception desk show snacks and beverages.
Stretched screen at cross show directions to different halls and washroom, etc.
Self service on touch screen kiosk with ticket printer is available.


Besides digital signage for prommotion,
merchants can equip touch screen kiosk with POS function to save labor cost.


To attract eyes of customers and change contents of promotions conveniently without extra cost,
digital signages do a great job.
Single screen or group, wall-mounted or floor-standing units meet different circumstances.


The parking area is huge for commercial complex usually.
How to get to the entrance/exit asap?
Touch screen kiosk for way-finder can give a hand.
Customers also can pay by cellphone on kiosk to leave parking without waiting for long time.

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