Topband Solution

Operating internationally, Topband does projects in domestic and overseas cities for design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of premium quality with intelligent solutions for Smart Business Center, Smart City & Control, Smart Education and Smart Finance. Professional suggestions will be given once getting your inquiries.

Smart Finance

In the lobby video wall plays promotion of hot products and bank introduction.
Double sided ceiling mount digital signage at counter desks to introduce finance products.
Queuing tickets are printed by self service kiosk to save labor.
ATM with camera/printer/touch provide more channels to customers.

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Smart Education

Class signboard with NFC reader/fingerprint/camera monitor the attendance of students daily.
It includes signage function to publish notices freely at any time to everyone in the school.
Students can check class schedule easily.

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Smart City and Control

For metro/airport/station, CCTV and notices are crucial.
With updating of IP cameras,
cabling with RJ45 cable and transmitting through internet are nacessary.
Such solution and more powerful which include both video wall and digital sigange functions are available.

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Smart Business Center

Video wall in the lobby plays introduction of hot moive with huge image.
Digital signages in aisle play moives recently.
Young people wait for entrance with playing games on touch table.
Screens in reception desk show snacks and beverages.
Stretched screen at cross show directions to different halls and washroom, etc.

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