Dual Display with Different Images

With more and more applications of Android OS, Digital Signage with single screen can not meet the needs of every field. Smart terminals, generally require the support of two or more screens. Topband’s dual-screen display solution perfectly perform the dual-screen information display by using only one card. This solution supports simultaneous interaction, meanwhile, works well with systems in various fields.

GTV Information System

Topband’s GTV digital signage management software (GTV for short) uses B/S architecture with a perfect cross-platform solution. It is based on network platform and uses distributed management technology. GTV Can integrate various of multimedia resources, so as to remote create, publish and manage the programs.

Can Work with: Digital Signage (LCD Advertising Display),  LCD Video Wall, Touch Kiosk and other display terminals.

Dual Screens Independent
Dual screens can be set independently. Secondary Screen plays general programs. Primary Screen plays interactive programs.
Multiple Applications
Supports multiple applications such as web pages, game interaction, and information search.


Cloud Deployment